• Image of Spinfab 16" Style 5 - custom waffle plate + hex cap combo 2018
  • Image of Spinfab 16" Style 5 - custom waffle plate + hex cap combo 2018

2 sets left in stock. Get them while you can as we are considering temporarily discontinuing this and reassessing once sold out.

BBS billet aluminum waffle plates + hex + centerbore ring combo version - 16" style5 1 piece

Our newest billet combo has been added for 1 piece bbs style 5 wheels - most popular the 16x8+20 BMW 7 series wheel.

The Style 5 billet parts are designed in house to the tolerances of the original bbs waffles/hex caps for bbs RS, but have a completely adjusted size and pattern to fit the single piece bbs style5 wheel wheel face replacing the need for the cheap plastic center cap assembly. The waffle plate itself being offered is specific to this wheel, not to be confused with the 2 piece style 5 in the other ad. New to this combination design is a half height threaded hex cap that threads into a newly engineered centerbore ring and requires absolutely no changes to the wheel you own. Buyer simply pushes in the threaded center ring, tightens down the 3 supplied set screws to lock the ring onto the wheel face, and then screws the hex and waffle down just like a bbs rs. Buyer to confirm fitment with their wheel set prior to ordering. any questions can be sent to info@spinfab.net

these are being sold as a complete set of four (4) billet aluminum waffle plates, + (4) threaded 1/2ht hex caps + (4) threaded centerbore rings + (12) set screws. bbs logos sold separately, bbs wheel not included. The price reflects the fact that this is a full kit with billet waffle plates as well as billet hex caps, not just hex caps like our other ads. There is a total of 12 billet pieces and 12 set screws included in this ad.

These are made to fit 16" bbs style 5 single piece wheels. They are direct drop in for these wheels and require no modification to the wheel itself. Only product on the market of its kind.

the 2018 Batch has had further engineering for ease of use and is supplied with extra parts compared to the original we offered for the past 2 years. These caps are engineered to fit standard oem bbs 70mm 3 prong logos. Sold separately in our store in a variety of color combinations. We also recommend you purchase an oem hex tool for ease of installation and removal. BBS 09.23.576 rs hex tool also sold in our store.

All of the billet parts in this kit can be powdercoated, painted, anodized, plated, Etc. we offer a few options on the drop down menu. Please note, there is an added lead time for plated finishes.

We do recommend if the customer sends these to a finisher to powdercoat, to please have that powdercoater tape off the threads on both the hex cap as well as the threaded ring so as to not mess with the function of the cap threading. Seems obvious, but it is worth noting.

the kit comes with the following components

(4)half height hex caps – finish depending on which option chosen
(4)billet aluminum waffle plates- these are specific to the 16" style5. if you need 17/18" 2 piece style5, purchase from our other ad.
(4)billet aluminum center threaded rings
(12)set screws

when you receive your kit, you can install in these five easy steps (allot 90 seconds per wheel)

1. insert three set screws into each threaded center ring – make sure the pointy side of the set screw points outward
2. back off the set screw so it is not protruding past the threads on the center ring
3. drop the center ring into the style 5 face. its tapered on one end so it fits right into the opening on the front of the face
4. take an allen key and tighten the 3 set screws. you’ll see the ring is now locked to the face and not able to spin.
5. set the waffle into place, and spin on the hex cap, and pop in your own bbs 3 prong 70mm logo by pressing it down onto the hex.

these can be taken on and off as many times as needed. For example, please remove the threaded ring and cap assembly when you have the wheel/tire balanced.

These as with all of our small products are designed and modeled in house, and produced right here in New York, in small production runs and with the highest attention to detail and quality. Nothing like it on the market.