• Image of Spinfab invitational

Since 2011, the team here has been designing and engineering 3 piece wheel designs for small production runs, one off applications, or collaborations with other builders.
The "invitational" is our response to the 3 piece wheel craze that has been upon us for the past few years.

The premise is simple. An inspiring build needs an inspiring set of wheels/tires to complete its purpose. We recognize a few of these builds per year and offer the opportunity to design a set of wheels around their project. Sometimes through contact at a local show, sometimes through Instagram or forum interaction.

The process, not as simple. The design process is usually several rounds, followed by engineering of the design(s) in cad based software, FEA structural analysis to TUV standard of each design to make sure it is realized to its full potential, then prototyping in plastic, prototyping in aluminum, and production consisting of spun forged blanks to the specific design and finally machining of the pattern to spec of the cad models.

Again, these are only offered on a case by case basis solely at our discretion so please let us know if you know someone who you feel would be a good fit. There is a limited allotment of spots per year for this program.