This ad is for previous customers who purchased our style 5 billet waffle and hex combo and want to upgrade some of the parts (new hex and new threaded centerbore) to the new 2.0 variant for further ease of use.

Buyers must email over proof of their previous order to be able to qualify for this purchase. This is not a way to try to find a loophole into getting cheaper parts. This option is offered as a thank you for purchasing the original design and providing feedback that has been vital to the further engineering of the design to be what it is today.

The v2.0 adds an element to the design. Rather than an o ring type hex that pushes on and twists off, this offers a combination of male threaded hex (like that of bbs rs) and a female threaded centerbore drop in that is attached to the wheel face via set screws. This can all be installed without taking the wheel off your car, and requires no modification to the wheel itself.

The upgrade (existing customers only) includes
(4)hex caps
(4)centerbore drop in rings
(12)set screws

V1.0 billet waffles from the original purchase will work with this design as that part was not changed.

No other parts are included, logos are not included, wheel faces are not included.

Coming Soon