• Image of Oem 2 piece style 5 splined hardware

(136) style 5/19 bolts are specific to those two wheels and used to replace the splined hardware on your 2 piece style 5 or style 19.
These are the same spec as the stock bolts you have on your style 5 wheels, just brand new, plated, and perfect.

Any other combos can not be guaranteed so please do your homework prior to ordering.

stocked finishes include triple chromed and 24k gold plated.

other finishes and bolt sizes and quantities can be requested on a case by case basis, please email info@spinfab.net with any questions.

check the other tab in the products section for matching serrated nuts for these various bolt types. OEM bbs rs nuts can be used with this hardware if you have it or the hex nuts that we supply. M7 serrated nuts are what you would want to order in addition to these bolts if you do not have any.